Positive Reviews of TLC Preschool Sebastian

"Time flies when you're having fun!"- a standard expression that could be applied in reference to my son's time attending TLC, now that it has run its course; but that would be an injustice to your and your staff. TLC has been like a second home through the years (10 to be exact) - you have literally watched him grow up! I would like to express my immense gratitude for all the years that you and your staff have contributed professionally and personally to my son's well being and growth, as well as being a pleasure to do business with and "being there" for both of us in all capacties. I could not simply say this and even attempt to put words on paper, it doesn't seem to cover it all; however, please know that I believe that he is the good person he is today in part to being invovled at TLC Preschool. Please share this with staff and to use as a testament to the quality, values and overall superior standards that TLC conveys and instills, Thanks again very, very much...Mr. Traficante.

You have an excellent school and your staff- so wonderful and helpful!! OUr boys have been with TLC for 6 yrs and they enjoy all activities. Thank you for all your help directing the boys to follow the right path!....Betty Partington

You women do a great job! 3 schools in 4 years and this is the best I've seen! I am extremely impressed! I can't say enough positive experiences I have here. We feel very welcome here and you all put in hard word and have a lot of patience and for that I am extremely grateful...Ms. Palmisano

TLC Preschool is an excellent daycare/preschool center. The staff ensure that my child has great experience while he is there and he continues to thrive. I am confident that he is good hands when I leave him there,. I am proud to say that my child attends TLC Preschool and recommend the center to families that are looking for child care...Anonymous Parent of 4 year old.

My children and I love this school! Ms. Juelie is always available to provide advice for various parenting challenges. Ms. Margarita is an amazing teacher and my daughter/son come home singing songs from the day and telling me the days activities. The teachers are awesome!...Mrs. Spence

4 of my children have attended here and I HIGHLY recommend them! The staff are super caring. They love our whole family. Our kids entered Kindergarten ready to tackle everything with ease. Thanks TLC!... Mr. Goldsmith

It is with mixed emotions that I send this delightful, brilliant and respectable young man to Middle School. We are proud of who he has become but we are sad to see him leave. Why is this different than many others? Because he has been a "family" student since for over 10 years. His brother and sister (now in their 20's) have also been TLC Graduates. Thank you Laurel R Kahn-Traficante and Dwight for entrusting your son with us. You are dearly loved and we are ever grateful for your trust and support of TLC Preschool.